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08:28pm 11/12/2005
Name:THE Kimler
Current Location:your mind
Eye Color:green
Hair Color:brown...wait...auburn makes me sound better
Height:5' 7''
Weight:THE prefers not to think about that
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:THE is currently uninterested
Overused Phraze:THE has many
Candy:87% cocoa chocolate
Number:17, 19
Animal:giant squid
Drink:mochaccino from port city
Alcohol Drink:margarita
Bagel:THE prefers not to eat bagels
Body Part on Opposite sex:depends on the person
This or That
Pepsi or Coke:coke, bitch
McDonalds or BurgerKing:THE wishes to annihilate both
Strawberry or Watermelon:both
Hot tea or Ice tea:hot mint tea, with honey
Chocolate or Vanillachocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:espresso
Kiss or Hug:once again, depends on the person
Dog or Cat:THE likes animals, each, however, does have its own personality
Rap or Punk:real punk, german rap
Summer or Winter:depends on the place
Scary Movies or Funny Movies:funny
Love or Money:love with money
Bedtime:when THE falls asleep
Most Missed Memory:many things
Best phyiscal feature:hitchhikers thumbs
First Thought Waking Up:fuckin hell, that was a weird dream
Goal for this year:germany
Best Friends:THE is a solitary person, doomed to walk the earth alone
Fears:THE is paranoid, and will not speak of such things to potential foes
Heritage:english, swedish, polish, german, tiny little bit o' cherokee
Longest relationship:THE has issues
Ever Drank:yes
Ever Smoked:not tobacco, but cloves
Ever been Drunk:no
Ever been beaten up:no
Ever beaten someone up:yes
Ever Shoplifted:yes
Ever Skinny Dipped:yes
Ever Kissed Opposite sex:yes
Been Dumped Lately:no
Favorite Eye Color:THE has no particular preference
Favorite Hair Color:dark brown/black
Short or Long:depends on the person
Height:taller than THE, but not too much
Looks or Personality:personality with not hideous features
Hot or Cutefluffy
Drugs and Alcohol:yes, please
Muscular or Really Skinny:think ashanti's back-up dancer
Number of Regrets in the Past:too many
What country do you want to Visit:everywhere
How do you want to Die:no comas please
Been to the Mall Lately:outside of it
Do you like Thunderstorms:yes
Get along with your Parents:they think we do
Health Freak:not really
Do you think your Attractive:no
Believe in Yourself:never
Want to go to College:yes
Do you Smoke:not really
Do you Drink:if i can get it
Shower Daily:sometimes more
Been in Love:THE considers that none of your business
Do you Sing:sorta
Want to get Married:maybe...do you know any elligble and good-looking rich people
Do you want Children:NEVER!!!!!!!!
Have your future kids names planned out:THE likes names, not kids
Age you wanna lose your Virginity:THE thinks its none of your business
Hate anyone:oh yes.....yesssssss...THE has plans

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02:23pm 31/05/2005
  im back. i re-found this site that tells you where you are political-beliefs-wise on a 2-D chart and compared with famous ppl. im too lazy to do anything right now so just copy paste or something


anywho im really near nelson mandela on the chart (yay!), i forgot the exact numbers, but (-6ish, -2ish). and if you go to the US 2004 election chart, im close to some guy named walt brown. i dont agree with all of his stuff (hes a little farther left than i am) but he doesnt seem like a bad guy.
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01:25pm 31/05/2005
mood: wie langweilig!
im at roland grise, wahoo wahoo...
nothing is going on, so i dont care if anyone understands any of this, cause i've nothing better to do.
my tounge is blue from eating these weird candy things... grrrr
i got a sunburn, but not a bad one, at south river over the weekend. the little boat has a motor now, yay! but the boat itself is in the process of sinking so im gonna have to work on it.
i still have no clue what to wear to the masquerade. i want to be the corn god from the song of hiawatha, but im not blonde. and im not a guy.
the internet discriminates against Tuaregs. there are no instructions on how to tie their turbans........arg
you cant make someone love you with a song   
07:49pm 08/05/2005
mood: sad wyoming

i wonder if it's just impossible for me to be happy...

i finished the AP test, i watched the Meaning of Life. i was in a good mood and all happy (sorta) and then everything goes wrong. nothing big happened really, im just an idiot... for some reason i dont care. i mean i do, but im not stressed out, im just sad again...

i need to get away. to do something.........everything is wyoming.......

the past seems better   
09:38pm 03/05/2005
mood: wyoming

this is becoming hyperspace. grr.

my eyes hurt. my brain hurts. i hate chemistry. i didn't study, again. i really really should. i had some good lo mein for dinner. fun, eh? bet you're (who am i talking to here?) jealous.

today i reminised about a life i didn't have. its sad, i know. a decemberists song started it (sweet clementine), and thats all i did in chemistry. why cant i pay attention in that class? i have a new seat in chemistry, its in the far corner (almost). id rather be closer to the door.

i feel like such a failure. i cant do anything. i could try to do something, but i would ultimately fail nonetheless. the problem is, i guess, that i keep waiting to find some talent or something, but theres nothing. ich verschwinde....

my eyes hurt. i really want a neurocanular implant.

im stupid   
09:31pm 02/05/2005
mood: nothing (not even wyoming)
i could be studying. i really should be. but im not. why? why?
i have no life. i do not need this to become the new hyperspace. hyperspace was frosty (i heart joshua/horatio) but it really fucked my life (and my eyes).
my mom is yelling. she thinks i should study. and i should (we've already established this, i know)but im not (also already established)
i really like the word established, and establish. it reminds me of my awesome shirt i wanted to make. i should start writing down these shirt ideas...i think i did once.
i think im doing this just to be doing something. which means i really need something to do. but i knew that already.
Are you feeling better now????????   
07:04pm 02/05/2005
mood: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

fuck no im not. life sucks. people suck. why is the date may 2 now? it [the date on here] was may 2 yesterday! grrr....

not a good day. again. i almost got mad at my trees. im repentant for that. i really really heart my trees. im sorry trees. but not for anything else. if i could have lit you on fire with a stare, mr. acoveda, i would have. bastard. stop blaming other ppl. its your own fault.

angry angry angry......

i also realize that the possibility exists (hahaha...wirchlich?) that me talking to myself in posts could get really annoying. And the voice of reason is annoying right now. so fuck off voice of reason!!!

01:23pm 02/05/2005
mood: slush

im doing nothing. again. the eltern are zu South River. i should be studying for the AP exam. but it doesnt really matter cause im gonna fail anyway. cause i cant write dbqs. there was a dbq on the test freitag. i really fucked up on it. fine and dandy. fine and fucking dandy.

i have discovered that the purpose of this journal thing is that i can write some bullshit here when i have nothing better to do. i dont think ill ever have anyhting better to do. if i really wanted to waste time i could go listen to my kiswahili cds. or play majesty, but i dont feel like getting my ass kicked in fortress of ixmil. i feel stupid. but i am. (rant rant complain complain) urrg.... 

bugger all. its not a frosty day. pure slush all around, and its melting fast.


whats up with the date? it says its the 2nd, but thats monday......right?

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just ignore this   
11:29pm 01/05/2005
mood: urrg

im really bored right now. no one should watch the movie U-571. it is really really inaccurate, and evil, and stupid.

since i have nothing better to do, im going to explain the background. isn't it pretty? its Lola Montez (Eliza Gilbert) and shes whipping ppl. i love her. that wasn't an explination. shut up. you're talking to yourself. shut up.

just because i still have nothing to do, im going to list today's events. cause i know that no ones gonna bother to read it.           awake, sewing, alseep, awake, bacon and lettuce, pointless tv, tamara, crack dealers, online, offline, strawberries, kim, strawberries und chocolate, bakewell, molly's answering machine, kylie, clothing, kim, breaking traffic laws, molly on the road, kylie, kim, hitchhikers (towels), molly's hause, drug store, lost keys, found keys, freaky drug store guy, going nach hause, strawberry shortcake stuff, watering trees, cat, feeding cat, wet searchlight, cat, chicken, bad movie, online, benji, jim, here...

i dont have a life. i should go hurl myself off the bridge or something. i wanna go sit under the bridge. ppl should be here so i can. im stupid. you are. damn it. must regain control.....try plan b. im gonna go to sleep now. to shut myself up.

the pope and stuff   
10:38pm 29/04/2005
mood: crazy
i went crazy(er) today in library. it was great. there was a dual coup in my head. hehehehehehe. and there was this picture of the pope (benedict XVI)and he looks molestery and evil and like the antichrist. the picture is in the people magazine for the week of may 2. i was putting it up for library when i went crazy and later found the picture. everyone should see the picture, its the funniest thing of all time.
so i was weird for the rest of the day, and probably will be tomorrow. but my horoscope was right for once.
"Just the facts, ma'am -- that's your style, your credo and what you're famous for. It applies most to your style of communication, especially to conversations with strangers or platonic acquaintances. Right now, though, you'll feel the need to go on at length -- about the silliest things, too. Don't worry, it's temporary."

and my chem teacher thinks i crazy, cause i was from 2:45PM onward. and all i did in tutoring was make random references to obscure old british tv shows.ha, great day, great day

first entry woo   
07:58pm 23/04/2005
mood: wyoming
so nothing happened that was new. i fucked over a chem test. i've got some issues with my teacher.
im probably going to kims. maybe ill be less wyoming if im there, but probably not cause of all the shit going on with her.
wyoming wyoming wyoming