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the pope and stuff

i went crazy(er) today in library. it was great. there was a dual coup in my head. hehehehehehe. and there was this picture of the pope (benedict XVI)and he looks molestery and evil and like the antichrist. the picture is in the people magazine for the week of may 2. i was putting it up for library when i went crazy and later found the picture. everyone should see the picture, its the funniest thing of all time.
so i was weird for the rest of the day, and probably will be tomorrow. but my horoscope was right for once.
"Just the facts, ma'am -- that's your style, your credo and what you're famous for. It applies most to your style of communication, especially to conversations with strangers or platonic acquaintances. Right now, though, you'll feel the need to go on at length -- about the silliest things, too. Don't worry, it's temporary."

and my chem teacher thinks i crazy, cause i was from 2:45PM onward. and all i did in tutoring was make random references to obscure old british tv shows.ha, great day, great day

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