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just ignore this

im really bored right now. no one should watch the movie U-571. it is really really inaccurate, and evil, and stupid.

since i have nothing better to do, im going to explain the background. isn't it pretty? its Lola Montez (Eliza Gilbert) and shes whipping ppl. i love her. that wasn't an explination. shut up. you're talking to yourself. shut up.

just because i still have nothing to do, im going to list today's events. cause i know that no ones gonna bother to read it.           awake, sewing, alseep, awake, bacon and lettuce, pointless tv, tamara, crack dealers, online, offline, strawberries, kim, strawberries und chocolate, bakewell, molly's answering machine, kylie, clothing, kim, breaking traffic laws, molly on the road, kylie, kim, hitchhikers (towels), molly's hause, drug store, lost keys, found keys, freaky drug store guy, going nach hause, strawberry shortcake stuff, watering trees, cat, feeding cat, wet searchlight, cat, chicken, bad movie, online, benji, jim, here...

i dont have a life. i should go hurl myself off the bridge or something. i wanna go sit under the bridge. ppl should be here so i can. im stupid. you are. damn it. must regain control.....try plan b. im gonna go to sleep now. to shut myself up.

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